Best Buy Stores: Mature Women Don’t Want Technology They Want Facials

Electronics retailer Best Buy has opened a new lifestyle store, Eq Life, aimed at capturing the female 45-65 year old market—a market that they have not been able to reach with their mega electronics warehouses. There’s several things that annoy me about this new store. First, the name sounds like some herbal supplement or a nutrition shake. Secondly, I do know quite a few 45-65 years old and I’m sure they would shop more at Best Buy if they added some female staffers to their existing roster of 34 year old slacker dudes who probably still live at home with their 45-65 year old moms.

As of yet, they have only one location and that’s in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN, across form the mall that first introduced me to the concept of power shopping. I sent my midwestern shopping spy and favorite 45-65 year old, my mom, to check out the joint. Although she was impressed by the layout of the store, she felt that it had “way too much stuff like a pharmacy, coffee bar, and fitness like center.  It was waaay too much stimulation for me and the items were on the pricey side. But (the store) did smell good.” Interestingly, my thirty -something brother and sister-in-law, the very folks who shop at Best Buy, are enjoyed the store more than my mother.

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