Check Out These Great Underwear Brands on a Budget

Sweet Underwear Sets: Aerie

Aerie Underwear

Some of us insist on matching your bra or camisole to your undies. If you like to buy sets, American Eagle’s line Aerie has very pretty options. The lightly-padded bras offer plenty of support, and then you have a few options in underwear styles to match up with them.

Shaper: Assets by Sara Blakely

Assets by Sarah Blakely

If you like a little bit of hold and shaping in your everyday underwear, Assets, the less-expensive line from the founder of Spanx, will really stretch your dollar. Support levels range from medium for a sheer panty ($24), to super for a basic style ($14), to a lace-trimmed cheek peek ($22), to total waist control in a panty that pulls up to your bra strap ($23).

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  1. jacquelyn says

    Gap Body has the best undies anywhere. I am a bog fan of their low rise hipsters. Their prices are more reasonable than VS, most of their undies are 100% cotton (better for you), and they last longer.

    ‘Nuff said.

  2. tammie says

    I like the Hanes…I think 5 or 6 packs…from target. They are soft and comfy and only $5-$7 or so…it’s like $1 or a little more per pair! But if I want something cute or sexy for cheap I do go for the VS 3 for $25 or 5 for $25 ones.

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