Get Your Panties Out Of Bunch with These Great Underwear Brands on a Budget

There are few things that are as functional as underwear, which can also be an expression of your fashion sense–even if you’re the only one who sees it. So we’ve picked out some of our favorite underwear brands (on a budget, of course).

Some Underwear Buying Tips

- Buy in bulk. When you’re shopping for skivvies, keep in mind that you’ll probably end up with the best deal if you buy in bulk, even in boutiques.
- Look for a cotton crotch. This comes directly from our gynecologist, a short Haitian woman who has practiced for close to 40 years (that’s a lot of va-jay-jays). We do everything she says.
- Buy flesh-colored skivvies. We’ve seen London. We’ve seen France. We really don’t want to see your underpants, so please spend a majority of your undergarment dollars on flesh-colored panties.
- Shop off-priced. Yeah, we love Hanky Panky panties as much as the next girl, but 30 bucks for a pair of underwear is simply ridiculous. Head to your local Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, or Ross (which has great undergarments) and scoop up a pair of cute undies for well under $5.

Check out our picks for the five best underwear brands on a budget.

Awesome Panties on a Budget

Date Night Underwear: Victoria’s Secret

victorias secret underwear Get Your Panties Out Of Bunch with These Great Underwear Brands on a Budget

Victoria’s Secret has a pretty saucy reputation, but don’t count it out if you consider yourself more demure. The cotton prints and solids are just 5 for $25.50 (or $9.50-$10.50 each) and come in a variety of cuts, which are also super-flattering under clothing. Turn up the sexiness quotient with options such as lace backs and lower rises.