New York Fashion Week: Best Things about NYC Fashion Week

Here is my list of the best things about NYC Fashion Week 2005:

1. Kohler toilets. The most beautiful Port-A-Potties in the world.

2. Free Splenda cupcakes. I saved money on cereal.

3. Free We Network tote bags. Roomy and in bright spring colors.

4. The Daily. Concisely Snarky.

5. Bermuda Rum drinks. Dulled the pain of J.Lo’s show.

6. Goodie bags. Robert Verdi you’re my Fashion Week Patron Saint. Bless You.

7. Atkins Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. Surprisingly good.

8. Little fur key chains. My fall fur.

9. Bottled water. Thank you Perrier.

10.Young designers. Finally some new blood.

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