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  1. eSelle says

    I once bought a pair of really cute Fossil shades at TJMaxx for 9 bucks!!!! Originally, they were prices at 30. Basically, I do almost all my shopping at TJMaxx!

  2. andydee77 says

    I love Laila Rowe when they have their 2 for $20 sunglasses. I stock up cause I’m always breaking or losing them.

  3. mamimundo says

    Ross Dress for Less, of course! TJ MAXX sometimes has cute designer glasses, but $29.99 isn’t exactly a bargain in my opinion.

  4. says

    To be honest, I won’t buy sunglasses that are too cheap, because usually the sales people don’t know what the materials are, so I won’t know if they are UV protective.  I don’t mess around with my eyes.

  5. foodlover says

    I have a very small face and have a hard time finding sunglasses – I often find that Brass Plum at Nordstrom has a huge selection of hip and VERY cheap sunglasses for around $10.

  6. stylindreag says

    I honestly feel you get what you pair for. If the glasses are a cheap price then you will get cheap quality, no matter how many pairs you can buy. If you can afford a nice pair of shades then buy a classic, don’t skim because when you do the rest of the public can tell.

    I buy my glasses from TJ MAXX and CitiVogue which has a great summer sale on Authentic shades. I am a sunglass fanatic and own many pairs, and shades is one thing that must look good and offer GOOD eye protection!

  7. mklover25 says

    I’m definitely a sunglasses fiend. I always buy my chic shades (well, I think they are) at “fashion for less” places like Filene’s Basement, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s.  I’ve sported them all from Liz Claiborne to Ralph Lauren to Michael Kors (my personal favorite) to Fossil.  Some of these places will have you shelling out a good $100 but all of mine have been less than $30.  Happy shopping!

  8. abk_8011 says

    I’ve gotten some really great deals at TJMaxx. Oscar de la Renta for $3, Juicy Couture for $7, etc. I also have a pair of Isaac Mizrahi for Target (my most expensive pair, I think it was around $16) that are always my fall-back pair when I don’t know what to wear. They go with everything and look divine.

  9. LadyPoet2650 says

    I always get my sunglasses at Forever21. For $5 each I can afford to buy new ones whenever they break, and they have a huge selection!

  10. koriellis says

    I have one high-end pair of sunglasses in a classic style, then a few more funky pairs that are cheap. The most recent cheap ones, I got on sale at Macy’s for about $15.

  11. Rach2689 says

    I recommend Urban Outfitters for fun shades for the frugal. I love my faux-Raybans in white from UO.

  12. spltthefrwy says

    I have found a site on the internet that sells high quality replica sunglasses for cheap.  In fact all the sunglasses are $9 a pair with free shipping.  I have ordered two pairs and they are the best I have seen for the price.  The website is http://www.nineapair.com.

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