Best Scarves on a Budget: Reader Advice

Wait a minute . . . scarves? Sounds a bit wintery, doesn’t it? But we’re not talking grandma-knitted wool mufflers here—we mean something more along the lines of oh, say, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. Scarves, in our humble opinion, are a great style note that can add a little personality to any outfit without adding a huge charge to your credit card bill. Last fall, the graphic print silk scarf started to take hold, and we expect it to be back this year. Meaning you’ll want to get one, for less. But where? We really love Banana Republic for a quality silk scarf (like the scarf pictured here for $39) and for something even less expensive? Try Forever21. But that’s enough from us—where do you find great scarves for less?

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  1. pamphyila says

    Vintage silk scarves are good deals at thrift shops – usually $5-7!! Ditto vintage clothing stores!  I have a collection that dates back to high school.  Never throw out a good scarf!

  2. jessplease says

    Yay, I’m happy you posted on scarves, as they are my newest fashion obsession.

    I love Urban Outfitters for some fun printed scarves. Also, there’s this accessory store in my mall called Laila Rowe, which is having a 75% off sale and I picked up a few fun patterned scarves there from $6-$9! However, their stores are limited (NYC, CT and DC area).

  3. Retro Recycled Vintage says

    Thrift Stores for sure!!!!  Also, with dip dye clothing all over the place you can do it yourself and update the look.

  4. sunshinestyles says

    I’ve found beautiful Missoni scarves at the Saks Outlet and at Filene’s Basement, sometimes for under $20.  And of course, there’s always ebay …


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