Stressed? Us Too. Here’s Our List of the Best Relaxing Bath Products to Stay Calm in Today’s Stressful Times

When it comes to managing stress, I’m all about indulging in the best relaxing bath products.  Especially these days, as headlines are filled with more stressful events than we’d care to hear about, breaking out the bubbles (and the bubbly, while we’re at it) does wonders to soothe frazzled souls.

*Sigh.*  Remember the “good ole days” when our worst fear was escaped zoo animals or worse, news that banana clips were passé?  The times are a changin’ and finding calm amid the chaos is a must.  Relaxing with our favorite bath products, while it won’t undo the madness, helps us de-stress, big-time.

Here’s some of our best feel-good bath products designed to calm minds, raise spirits and help renew inner strength.   So, get that bath water going, turn off the TV and bring on the calm.

Hugs and peace, ladies!  (And for what it’s worth, I’m waiting for a banana clip come-back.   After all, neon had its turn.  Anyone in?)

Don’t Worry, Be Happy(ier):  Our List of the Best Relaxing Bath Products

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Let the stress float away with this foaming bliss.

Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming Bath, $6.99 from

What bath products will you try?