Best Jeans for Women Over 50


Here at TBF, we have a hunch that mature women don’t actually want to walk around in “mom jeans.” There just appear to be no other options for the fashionista who’s outgrown cutting of her circulation in super-tight skinnies and revealing her butt crack in super low-rise jeans.

But seasoned fashionistas need not fret. You can look amazing in a pair of jeans without looking like a celebutante wannabe or your grandma. Here are our jean picks for women over 50.

Best Jeans for Women Over 50

Perfect Boot Jeans from The Gap, $70
Boot cut jeans flatter your figure without clinging to it, and these have a chic tailored look that’s easy to dress up or down.

Trouser Jeans from Banana Republic, $89.50

This is about as dressed up as denim can get. Another bonus? The dark wash is super slimming.

Simply Vera Cuffed Denim Capris from Kohl’s, $48

For your weekend errands or just for moseying around the house, nothing is more perfect for a laid-back summer than these cropped jeans Vera Wang has created. They look fantastic with heels or flip flop and are a perfect alternative to shorts.

Trapunto Stitch Denim Trouser from White House Black Market, $88

We’re sort of obsessed with white jeans right now, so we had to show you this pair from WHBM. This is their universal fit (it looks great on anybody), and we can vouch that they are super comfy. Plus, we love the not-too-high, not-too-low waistline.


Slim Boy Jean from J. Crew, $98
Boyfriend jeans on a woman over 40 scream “cool mom.” And this beach comb wash is so effortlessly chic. There’s just a subtle slouch to these that makes them laid-back, but still oh-so grown-up.

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  1. SweetAsCake says

    I’m not exactly “older” – only 31 – but I like to include some more “grown up and professional” looking jeans in my wardrobe. I’d recommend CJ by Cookie Johnson, and also FDJ French Dressing, as brands that look polished and fit curvy hips without riding down or gapping.

  2. Zenzele says

    I have the good fortune of wearing a size 4, and having a behind. I’m serious – I love my figure. The problem is that there is a very wrong assumption that everyone below a size 6 has a flat butt. When I was a size 2, I still had to deal with this nonsense. In this day and age, the bias continues. I have yet to find a pair of jeans I don’t have to get altered, in order to fit me well. The problem isn’t with me – it’s with the designers.

  3. says

    I like all of these options, but I suffer from fit issues as well. I have yet to find a pair that fits my hips and thighs without leaving a gigantic gap between my waist and the waistband. Add to that the fact that I’m petite, and jeans shopping becomes a total nightmare. Maybe you could do some more posts on affordable jeans for different body types?

  4. Terri says

    Absolutely the best jeans for women (if you have a bit of a tummy or a butt or a waist) that don’t cut off your circulation are the ones made by Diane Gilman. In the USA, I believe these are only sold on HSN. They are NOT lowrise, but just perfect for a woman. She has all kinds of colors, some with a little glitz, some with lots of glitz and many that are plain. They are quite reasonably price and come in a huge range of sizes from either 2 or 4 (I forget) to 3x womens. This entire size range is also available in petite. You won’t be sorry with DG jeans.

  5. Khalidosreis says

    Most advices given here ,for older womens , literally sucks. 
    Some older women look so fit that older womens clothing looks ridiculous on then.
    I think that there should be an advice to teach older women how to combine and mix different styles in oder to adress the problem of older women that as fit as fit can be. 
    I am 59 years old ,a fit long distance runner , i dance ,do yoga i am not only fit but my face is still years younger than most women my age. I find  myself totally excluded from what is suposed to be my peer group.  I don’t want to dress like a Teen , but i like to dress comfortable in a way that fits with my personality , and the way i live my life.

  6. Anneed31 says

    Size 4 64 year old here.  I want soft comfortable jeans that are neither skinny nor baggy and especially don’t fit my legs like a pair of tights.

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