Tessa Asks: What’s the best colors to wear in an engagement photo?

Kathryn Answers: First, CONGRATS!! Blessings to you and your fiance

Best Colors to Wear in Pictures

For colors, think purple (which is a HOT color this season), blue, and green with the exact shade of the color reflecting your skin/hair color (deeper for pale skin/dark hair, brighter for darker skin/dark hair, softer for pale skin/light hair).

- Keep hair simple and straight. Photos aren’t three dimensional- that perm/curly weave may be cute in person, but will look flat in a photo. bring mousse or gel with you to the photo shoot to smooth down any flyaways.
- Keep jewelry simple and non -reflective (except for your bling!). Pearls works well in engagement photos.
- Place you body at an angle.

Here’s how to do it:
1. stand facing the camera,
2. slide your right foot slightly forward
3. turn your body away from the camera
4. place one hand on your hip (this may not be practical in your case)
5. turn your head towards the camera with a slight tip away from the camera.