What Do You Think About Celebrity Fashion Lines?

Question: What do you think about Celebrity Fashion Lines?

Celeb fashion lines seem to come and go with the seasons. We keep thinking that they’re on their way out for good, but some new pop singer or reality TV star always comes around ready to clothe us, all the while ensuring they’re property overexposed. Most of the time, a fashion line with a famous name behind it is just that… it has little more purpose than to rip off shoppers. In the past year, some celebs bowed out before it got too embarrassing – like Mandy Moore – while others managed to churn out some crappy albeit creative ideas, like Katherine Heigl’s hospital scrub line.

Are there celebrity fashion lines out there that inspire, rather than sicken? Have you bought something from Averil Lavigne’s line at Kohl’s, or tried on one of Taylor Swift’s sundresses at Wal-Mart (assuming you’re petite and can wear stuff in the Juniors section)? What do you think of Celebrity Fashion Lines?