Best Workwear on a Budget: Reader Advice

For the working fashionista, figuring out where to get appropriate workwear that doesn’t make you feel a) like Jane Fonda in “9 to 5” and b) like you’re working just to support your work wardrobe, is a challenge. For us, Target has become a place for some cheap chic work basics (though we’ll be mourning the departure of Mizrahi on this count), and Newport News is worth checking out (we love the trousers pictured here, on sale for $49: click here for more workwear from NN). We want to know where you pick up great pieces for work, on a budget—remember to tell us what type of work environment you’re in as well, and why you love your choice!


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  1. cr*vygrl says

    I hit up New York & Co. a lot for work stuff.  They always have tons of cute pants in different lengths (important for me), great skirts and dresses, and fun seasonal accents.  Plus they had mad coupons and discounts all the time – never pay full price!  I took a job once that required me to wear a suit everyday, so I headed there and picked up like 5 for under $300.  Score!

    (I work for a non-profit in an office environment)

  2. SDTransplant says

    I wait for sales at Gap or Banana Republic and then stockpile sweaters, shirts, blouses, and/or trousers for my work wardrobe.  Sometimes I pick up work clothes from Old Navy as well.  When I’m in the mood for real bargain shopping, I hit up Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Filene’s Basement, which, lucky for me, are all in one shopping area where I live.  I always manage to find name-brand, quality work clothes at those stores at deeply discounted prices, but it takes a lot of patience to comb through those racks to find the gems!

  3. CaitlinV says

    I’m 25 and I work for a consulting company. Everyday wear is not-too-formal business, but I do wear suits to meetings and presentations. I buy a lot of things at Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Filene’s Basement- it takes a little bit of hunting, but I’ve gotten a lot of great, high-quality things. They always have lots of basics like knit tops and jersey dresses. I’m also completely obsessed with cashmere, an addiction I feed on eBay!

  4. KBAM says

    I work in “business casual” office.  I like to shop at Express—I love their Editor pants and their classic button-ups.  Normally, they are way overpriced, but if you shop the clearance rack, you can finds some decent deals.  Also, I have their credit card, so they send me coupons all the time.

  5. mldyfox says

    I just discovered that Dress Barn has some great deals.  Check in there for washable, easy to wear basics.

  6. someitaliangirl says

    I second New York & Co.  I’ve found pants that actually don’t need hemming (I’m 5’1”) and great tops there that are completely appropriate for my business-casual law office and stylish to boot.

    I also lie in wait for Ann Taylor LOFT sales and coupons, and I’ve gotten some great deals when Banana Republic and Gap have their clearances.

  7. HotChica says

    Mizrahi’s leaving Target? That’s really disappointing. I work in a business casual office. I love shopping bargain stores like Marshalls and Filene’s Basement. For trendier, more colorful pieces, I also shop Forever 21, Old Navy and H&M;stores.

  8. says

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