Advice on the Best Underwear on a Budget

It seems that undies are a lot like high heels. When they look good, they don’t feel good. And when they look bad (or just plain boring), they feel awesome. So, lingerie makers – why can’t you seem to mass produce a pair of underwear that’s cute and comfy? Oh and also, here’s the real kicker, affordable?  Ladies who want seductive, stylish, and/or snug panties are forced to search high and low for the right pair at the department store. And then, shudder, they may just feel compelled to try on several pairs in the dressing room before checking out!

We already know to buy the bulk of our undergarments at Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, and Target, and we love online warehouses like, but we want your opinion – what brands and what stores deliver high-quality, low-cost underwear?