Best Shoes on a Budget: Reader Advice

So we know shoes is a veeery broad topic. But getting decent shoes—meaning that they look great and won’t cause you to get a bunion just by glancing in their general direction—on a budget isn’t easy. Sure, we love us some Payless, and Target is a sure bet, but we’d all like a little variety in our lives. So please tell us, where do you find cute and wearable shoes without having to raise your credit limit?

Payless Haddie Slingback, $19.99


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  1. says

    I really like DSW. Finding that perfect shoe at 80% off is like finding a golden ticket. Especially if you have a $10 reward certificate to pair with it.

    I also do good with Ross, though it may take several trips before finding a deal. Some of my favorite shoes this past year have been 9.99 finds at Ross.

  2. Target-Addict says

    I usually just wait until the shoes I want go on sale—either at department stores (like Nordstrom) or specialty shoe retailers (like Nine West).  The only hitch is that you run the risk of not finding your size once the shoes go on sale.  Another good bet is the sale section of online shoe stores like and

  3. says

    Two years ago, I was hobbling. I had bunions so big that I walked in pain, and worse—the 2nd toe was was shoving the third under. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle and had my entire left foot rebuilt. It was a big, big surgery! Bunions are hereditary and I made it final by wearing poorly fitting shoes as a child (we didn’t have much money, and later teetering in high heels.

    I’m slowly building up my shoe collection, having gotten rid of everything.

    It’s not how much you spend, it’s what you buy. If your foot needs are specific, you have to be picky about fit and constuction. First round goes to Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

    I also like, Oh! Shoes, which are designed with foot health in mind (and yes, that’s my surgeon’s photo on the site!). They have some great styles.

    I also like Naturalizer stores, The Walking Shoe Store and my favorite, a local shoe maker called Capri Shoes ( He’s made a pair for me, which are sharp. He also has shoes by Spring Step, Timberland, and other comfort shoes.

    You might want to read up on what Dr. Carol Frey has to say about shoes. It’s pretty good.

  4. fiona says

    I am loving right now. They have an easy-to-navigate website, good sales, and negative $5 overnight shipping. (In other words, they overnight them to you for free, plus the cost of your shoes is $5 less.)

    I’ve gotten several great pairs of shoes this way. It’s a little addictive, since it satisfies that “I want it now” craving…

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