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  1. Shopsista says

    The Ped Egg is the best thing that has EVER came out.  Can’t beat a price of $9.99 for two if you order online…same price for one in Walgreens

    Prior to that, it was the Tweezerman foot file($20) and Vaseline ($2,99 – 3.99)

    My feet stayed smooth all summer and winter!

  2. toodles865 says

    i just get the cheapest foot file…the ones with the plastic handle and metal file…works for me!

  3. abk_8011 says

    The PedEgg has become my new can’t-live-without item! It works wonders- it softens my heels better than any pedicure, it’s easy to use, it’s inexpensive and while it is kinda gross, it’s worth it! I got mine for $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  4. JudyO says

    The overnight method of foot cream with socks works really well if you do it regularly.  Almost any drugstore foot cream will do and straight vaseline is of course always an option.

  5. says

    I have used this product in winters and I must say it works like magic.I had too many cracks on my foot and by applying this product for few days all my cracks were healed like never before.

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