Best Beauty Tools on a Budget: Reader Advice

While we’re all about focusing on natural beauty, sometimes a girl just needs a little help to look her best, in the form of some kind of tool that heats, dries, straightens, cleanses, trims, shaves, exfoliates . . . well, the list goes on. If you’ve ever set foot into a beauty supply store you know you could spend a small fortune on an arsenal of beauty tools, but you didn’t really want to pay off those college loans anyway, did you? Of course you did, and we want you to as well, so we’re putting out a call for advice on great beauty tools on a budget. We’re looking for quality (meaning it actually does what it says it’ll do, without shorting out after the first week) and low cost. One that we like? This Remington S8000i Wet to Dry Straightener, which works great and is a time saver, all for somewhere around $25 at your local Target (or here on, for $25.98 plus shipping).

So what bargain beauty tool do you love? And what’s your secret source for great beauty tools on a budget?

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  1. mamimundo says

    It’s not an immediate bargain at $75, but the CHI flat iron pays for itself after 3 or four uses based on the salon quality results it yields.

    It turns my average home blowdry into a sleek, long lasting blow out. Plus, I can use it on wet hair as well and the results are just as nice.

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