Best Bra: Bali Concealers- Cause We Really Don’t Need Another Thing to Worry About


Things Us Women Worry About:

– Global Warming
– Meredith and McDreamy
– The Falling Dollar
– The Toxicity of Elmer’s School Glue (moms understand this one)

The last thing we want to worry about is whether or not our “headlights” are showing.

Introducing the Concealer bra by Bali’s, which is the first bra line to incorporate concealing petals inside the bra, allowing you to wear clingy tops without the resulting, uh perky, visual. Available in a variety of skin tone colors (including colors for African-American women- THANKS), you know longer have to worry about that creepy guy in the IT department staring at your chest.

Available with and without underwire, sizes 34-44 B, 32-44 C, D, DD,  for $32.00 at your local Department Store and online at Bare Necessities.


  1. ondi says

    OK, my best bra care tip is to use the handwash cycle on the washing machine.  It gets more water out more gently than I can with actual hand washing.

  2. hofken says

    Always hang your bras rather than folding them in drawers.  By airing them out, you can re-wear.  Washing too often is what destroys bras.

  3. goddessjenn says

    My best bra care tip is to not skimp on quality!  I love my Bali and Wonderbras.  They last longer and feel great, even though I just toss them in the wash with the rest of my clothes!

  4. WenFromTexas says

    While in a hurry, I have ‘shampoo-ed’ my bra in the shower during my bath and towel dried it. Air dry it as much as possible while doing your hair, teeth, makeup, shoes and packing your purse.
    When it was time to finalize my outfit and leave, I would use the hair dryer to get the damp spots out without the harsh heat of a clothes dryer.

  5. curlytop says

    always handwash bras and let them air dry. when it dries off, you shouldn’t fold them, this will only misshapen the cups.

  6. galalefey says

    When traveling, stick socks in the cups of bras so that they maintain their shape in the suitcase. Also, if you can fold the cups so they overlap, sticking them in the corner of a somewhat stiff suitcase saves both their shape and space.

  7. semer says

    For bras that don’t have foam/padding, I find that it’s totally adequate to machine-wash them, especially in a lingerie bag in a front-loading machine.  DEFINITELY use a bag if you have a top-loader; the tangling can kill a bra easily.

  8. tomikej says

    Good quality bras are worth the expense. Do not put your bras in the dryer; it will loosen the elastic. Get a professional fitting! A lot of dept stores will do this at no charge.

  9. idalingi says

    when washing (just soak, don’t ring or squeeze), use a detergent made for hand washing, like Woollite or baby shampoo will do, too!  Dry flat is the best but its ok to hang dry as long as its hang upside down: clip cloth pins on the underwire part instead of stretching out the shoulder straps.

  10. miss m says

    Do not wash bras with anything that could possibly “catch” on the bra fabric, such as velcro or hook and eyes, etc.

  11. Retta Wilhite says

    Best piece of bra advice ever is to frequently check your size! Fit needs change as your body changes whether due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy, or anything else that affects fit or comfort.

  12. nellie thomas says

    love to be able to buy concealer bra but don’t sell them in my size cause some of big women have that uncomforable problem

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