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  1. says

    The line is already at my Target (it’s a new Target that opened with the line) so I’ve been able to see alot of it in person. There are alot of beautiful evening things and cute jeans and lace tees. :)

  2. Caroline Wohler says

    I just went a newly opened Target and the stuff is cute! Lots of the pieces were already snatched up, especially the cute jackets. You can’t really tell from the above pics, but you could totally mix and match things with jeans and skirts for work. I can’t wait to go when it’s released. I bet there will be a frenziiiiiii!

  3. TBF says

    I saw the collection a few months ago at the Target showroom and it was VERY nice. Side note: I was preparing for a TODAY show segment and Stacy London of (What Not to Wear Fame) was also on the show that day. She was wearing a skirt that looked alot like the black lace white skirt from the Behnaz from target line. Of course her skirt was much more than $29.99

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