Because Excess Packaging Ruins Lives: Go Green

Every time you make the effort buy organic/local apples but they still come in those plastic packs, doesn’t that turn a good day, bad? Like, bad date bad? No? Well, you must not be this girl:

Greenvoice is leading the charge to rid our world of all the plastic fillers, wrappers and bags that clutter up our daily existence and ultimately strangle those sweet little sea animals. They need you (yes, you!) to go to their site site, enjoy their short film and sign their petition to our government to “introduce absolute restrictions on packaging, set optimal weight regulations on packaging and introduce targets for biodegradable packaging.” Snap!

As they say, we already do our part with recycling, but wouldn’t it be better if the people actually producing all the plastic crap were given enforceable limits? We couldn’t agree more. Then all of us BE types could spend our time meeting hotties in the park on a sunny day rather than tracking our carbon footprint.

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