Bebe Branches Out With Signature Perfume

What: What exactly does a Bebe girl smell like? Fans of the party-wear fashion brand will find out in just a few short weeks, when the company releases its first-ever “signature scent” in stores nationwide. The new fragrance, known as bebe, will reportedly have a “flirty, sensual mix of floral, fruity and wood notes,” and is expected to retail for $12 to $65 when it debuts at Bebe stores on August 20th and Dillard’s stores across the country in September. 

What They Say:
“It was important for bebe to have a vibrant top note. It needed energy! For a bebe woman, the fragrance couldn’t be flat. It took a lot of tweaking, but we got it,” said Jean Madar, CEO of Inter Parfums, the company that developed bebe.

What We Say: Even while other retailers are struggling with financial concerns, Bebe seems to still be in expansion mode, announcing the launch of this new fragrance less than a month after word spread about their new PH8 “concept” stores. The real question is, will you buy it?

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