Beauty Trend: The Red Lip

What: A red painted lip is the hottest beauty look
What the experts say: No need to confine your red lipstick to a nocturnal schedule these days. This from “By keeping the rest of your face very neutral and soft, red lips can work with any outfit, any time and don’t need to be saved for special occasions,” says Carol Shaw, creator of Lorac cosmetics.
What we say: Any time? Well, we’re not so sure about that. Red lips are big and powerful, not to mention hard to apply. They can either make you look like a glamorous Hollywood siren or Ronald McDonald. If you’re bold enough to pull off this look, stick to the following rule of thumb: blue reds for blondes, berry reds for redheads and brick reds for brunettes. For you more modest types, start off with a sheer red gloss and work your toward more pigment, should you feel the urge. To achieve such red lip perfection, dab your color on with a lip brush. This will keep it within the lines and prevent mistakes. If you do make a faux pas, clean up is easy by brushing concealer along your lip line.