Beauty Trend: Simply Red Hair

What: Seems like more and more people are seeing red these days (red hair, that is).

What the experts say: This from the 2008 issue of Elle magazine: “Red heads have the best of both worlds.” says Lena Oh, a colorist at Bumble and bumble’s Meatpacking District Salon in NYC. “They have the same eye-catching pop as platinum blond without the ditzy connotation, and the intrigue of a brunette.”

What we say: It’s so easy to become bored with the same hairstyle day after day (hello, Britney!). Since color is an easy and relatively risk-free road toward a mini makeover (especially since there are so many semi-permanent options to choose from), we’re all for trying on a little red. But make sure it’s the right red for you—we don’t want you matching your mane to a fire engine just yet. Your skin tone plays a big role in choosing your crimson color. If you have olive skin, go for a cool red, and if your skin is fair, you’re better off with a red/orange cast. That hair color aisle can be tempting, but for this particular transformation, you’re safer in the hands of your colorist. has a great hair makeover tool that’ll give you an idea (and perhaps a good laugh) of what you’ll actually look like in this ravishing shade beforehand.

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  1. dutchsinginggirl says

    I decided to go red three years ago – at the suggestion of my hairdresser – and I absolutely love it!!! It’s a deep, warm, and fairly bright shade, and I can’t imagine myself with any other haircolor now. I can wear more colors, my skintone matches my hair better, and in my profession (I am a singer) it’s a nice identifying trademark – people often say they recognize me by my red hair.

  2. TDSollog says

    I’ve been “of the red persuasion” since I’ve been going gray (15 years now). Being red definitely makes a memorable impression. People remember it, because it stands out against the sea of blonds and brunettes. Just be careful to pick a color that suits your skin tone. Red is color that can fade easily, too, so be gentle with it.

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