Beauty Trend: Simply Red Hair

What: Seems like more and more people are seeing red these days (red hair, that is).

What the experts say: This from the 2008 issue of Elle magazine: “Red heads have the best of both worlds.” says Lena Oh, a colorist at Bumble and bumble’s Meatpacking District Salon in NYC. “They have the same eye-catching pop as platinum blond without the ditzy connotation, and the intrigue of a brunette.”

What we say: It’s so easy to become bored with the same hairstyle day after day (hello, Britney!). Since color is an easy and relatively risk-free road toward a mini makeover (especially since there are so many semi-permanent options to choose from), we’re all for trying on a little red. But make sure it’s the right red for you—we don’t want you matching your mane to a fire engine just yet. Your skin tone plays a big role in choosing your crimson color. If you have olive skin, go for a cool red, and if your skin is fair, you’re better off with a red/orange cast. That hair color aisle can be tempting, but for this particular transformation, you’re safer in the hands of your colorist. has a great hair makeover tool that’ll give you an idea (and perhaps a good laugh) of what you’ll actually look like in this ravishing shade beforehand.