What: Buh-bye shimmer and shine. Welcome matte makeup!
What the experts say: According to the December 2007 issue of Allure magazine, a more sophisticated 40s-inspired matte makeup trend is catching on. “This isn’t a heavy matte look that erases the features, though,” says makeup artist, Dick Page. “Everything is applied with a light hand so the complexion just appears smooth.”

What we say: I’s so hard to keep track of all these beauty trends. One minute, you’re supposed to have dark eyes and light lips. The next minute, it’s the other way around. Apparently, this minute, you’re supposed to lock up all your glitter and grab your powder puff. Our take is obvious; go with what you feel most compliments your features because after all, there really is no one way to wear makeup. But having said that, a matte look is fresh, clean and easily worn anywhere, anytime. The only thing you need is to make sure you’re skin is properly hydrated (flaky features don’t lend themselves well to this trend), so bulk up on the moisturizer. Apply your foundation thoroughly to your entire face and dust over typical shiny spots, like your t-zone, with face powder. To curb unwelcome shine during the day, Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, for $5.79, will sop it up.