The Five Best Beauty Products Under $5

4. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Insta -Dri Nail Polish

Why It’s Awesome: Nothing is more annoying then spending time on your nails only to knock them accidentally and ruin your handy work. This nail polish is awesome because it dries in 60 seconds and comes in several pretty, shimmery colors.

Where to Get It: $2.49 at Target and local drugstores.

5. CoverGirl Make-Up Masters Sponge Puffs

Covergirl Sponge Puffs

Why It’s Awesome: Nothing is worse for your skin health than a dirty make-up sponge. These sponges from CoverGirl are great because they are so inexpensive, you won’t feel bad about tossing one. Bacteria can build up on your sponge instantly, which can lead to adult acne and other skin issues. So, keep a fresh one around and change yours regularly.

Where to Get It: $2.59 at local drugstores

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