Beauty Product Swap: Go Green

Raise your hand if you have loads of beauty products, hair products, nail polishes, etc. clogging up your cabinets. And you never intend to use a one of them. Why? Maybe it’s not your color. Maybe it sounded like a great idea when you read that magazine article telling you which products you had to have, and it turned out you really didn’t need it. Perhaps you bought the hair products to enhance the curl in your hair, as well as the products meant to straighten it, only to realize you like your natural wave best. You have makeup samples up the ying-yang, excess shampoos out the wazoo, and God knows what else clogging your cabinets (because they didn’t help unclog your pores).

Whatever the reason for your over-abundance of beauty supplies, there’s no need to put them to waste. As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. So gather all those products, gathering dust, and get ready to host a beauty product swap!

The Plan: Send an Evite to your girlfriends (it’s paperless!) or find other like-minded swappers at Meetup.

The Rules: Products need not be new (that blush looked adorable in the case, and hideous on your face!), but they should be barely used and not too old. Let the group know what can be exchanged, for example: makeup, hair products, face products, lotions and soaps, etc. Swappers should set their goodies out at the party and then work the crowd, reviewing what each party-goer has for trade. Two parties need to agree to the swap (i.e. you can’t have my Tarte cheek stain for your bareMinerals, if I don’t want your bareMinerals).

The Win: All those unused products get to fulfill their destiny and actually be used! You, and your friends, get to make more space in your closets, cabinets and cupboards. Those products don’t go to waste, become old, only to end up in the landfill.

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