Content Series: 7 Beauty Myths & Truths

3. True of False: Brushing your hair repeatedly makes it stronger.


False: Brushing your hair more than the regular 2-3 times a day can actually damage your hair. The key to healthy hair is a good died and frequent conditioning, not regular brushing.

4. True of False: Lack of sleep causes dark under-eye circles.


True: Lack of sleep can cause dark under-eye circles, but they do not have to be the sole cause. Dark circles can be caused by aging, genetics, or indicative of a more serious health problem, so they should always be brought to the attention of your doctor.

5. True or False: Shaving makes hair grow back thicker.


False: Shaving does not make hair thicker. Typically, when the hair grows back, it appears coarser because of the strong tip, but in actuality it’s the same texture and color as it’s always been.

6. Stretch marks can be prevented with cocoa butter application.

Pregnant Woman

We’re still not sure: Recent studies have shown that cocoa butter does not lower the chances of getting stretch marks during pregnancy, for example. However, other scientists still aren’t sure and believe more studies should be done on the topic to reach a conclusive answer.

7. Crossing legs causes varicose and spider veins.


False: It’s never been scientifically proven that crossing your legs can give you varicose and spider veins. Rather, it’s a problem caused by genetics and begins deep within your body as opposed on the surface. Regular exercise, wearing compression stockings, and elevating your legs can help to prevent them, however.

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    These are all good tips and need to be cleared up!!
    I swear water cures SO many of our common ailments and troubles that we have on a daily basis! So important!

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