Beauty Icon: Billie Holiday

This post is part of a series as The Budget Fashionista and its sister site, Mighty Beauty, pay tribute and celebrate Black History Month this February.

The name Billie Holiday is known by people of every age everywhere and even if the specifics are unknown by some, everyone knows that she was important to music. Those more in the know might even say her contribution to jazz and pop changed music forever.

She had a life shrouded in tragedy from rape and neglect as a child to abusive relationships with men as an adult. Drug addiction stripped her of her money, health and even her voice to some extent in later years. With the recent passing of another music icon, Whitney Houston it is easy to draw parallels. Both women becoming prodigies at 17 and making a profound influence on the music industry and later both icons suffering demise largely at the hands of drug addiction.

The Style of Billie Holiday

The Signature Look

The Signature Look

Billie Holiday was often pictured with beautiful white flowers adorning the side of her head. It is a look that has become iconic, with many celebrities in later years sporting the look including Queen Latifa and actress Paula Patton.