Ho ho ho, ladies! The holidays are officially here and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. And while I do live in the middle of the Sonoran desert, I’ll have you know that despite the lack of snowflakes and ultra chilly temps, we desert dwellers still decorate appropriately. Only instead of decking the halls and pines and building snowmen, we deck the cacti and go all out with the twinklies and blow up santas.

Anyway, the holidays mean a few things. Number one: Lots of delicious grub (don’t sweat the few LBs you’ll put on this year, ladies, those sweet treats are worth it and you’ll burn it all off in the spring, anyhow). Number two: family get-togethers and time off work (double cha-ching). And number three: presents. Glorious, glorious presents.

Whether you’re giving this year and want some inspiration or you’re looking for items to add to your own wish list, check out this roundup of holly jolly gift sets. And for you, my budget-conscious lovelies, they’re all priced under an easy $50.

Beauty Gift Sets $50 and Under

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Brow Must Have Kit

Brow Must Have Kit, $25 from Sumita Beauty
Oh heavens, you can't forget the eyebrows. While sometimes neglected, eyebrows have some serious potential to change your face for the better. Well groomed eyebrows make you look healthier and more polished. Sumita's Brow Must Have kit includes a purifying facial mask for a prettier complexion. Also included: their brow pencil and brow set pencil -- both are brilliant.