Beauty Breakdown: What to Toss and Keep This Fall

What: You don’t wear the same shoes in the summer as you do in the fall, so why would you wear the same products on your face? As the season changes, so to should your beauty routine. NYU dermatology professor Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale advises tossing out any old bottles of sunless tanners, heavy-duty sunscreens, and old lipgloss this fall, and instead packing your beauty bag full of tinted moisturizer, oil-free sunscreen, and lip balm with SPF.

What Dr. Hale Says:
“If you want to sustain a healthy glow into fall, better to use a tinted moisturizer. Or, invest in a new bottle of sunless tanner for more intense color. With either choice, make sure you also apply sunscreen. Layer a lightweight SPF formula under your tint to ensure UV protection.”

What We Say: Protecting your skin from sun damage is important all year around, not just in the summer. So as you’re picking up tops and tees for back to school shopping this month, it’s worth also checking out the beauty aisle to update to your skincare arsenal at the same time.

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