Supplemental Beauty: Beauty Trend

What: More cosmetic companies are now offering to beautify your hair, nails and skin, not with potions and lotions, but with vitamin and supplement pills.

The Word: In the March 2008 issue of Marie Claire, MC editors tested out several pills to see if they reaped any rewards. Here is the MC editors’ verdict after taking Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Supplement, $42, for a 30-day supply: “The pills smelled sour and tasted salty, but our tester’s combination complexion was balanced after just three weeks, and she noticed fewer breakouts in her problem area: her chin. Her friends also kept commenting that her skin really glowed.

Our Word: Sorry to sound old fashioned, but we tend to stick to the motto, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Aside from ingesting a balanced diet, a decent one-a-day and a generous glass of Cabernet ever now and again, there are plenty of ways to beautify without popping pills. But if you feel like you need to venture into this unFDA-approved territory, always seek the advice of a medical expert before ingesting anything.


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