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What: TBF tests the bargain-finding superabilities of

The Lowdown: Clearly, at The Budget Fashionista we view bargain hunting as sort of an athletic event—so a website that can help us find the best deal possible is kind of a necessary tool of the trade, akin to the perfect putter for Tiger Woods. Or something like that. Anyway, price comparison sitesare not all that new, but might just be the most straightforward we’ve seen, which, after wading through endless cluttered and counter-intuitive sites, is refreshing. It’s totally simple—enter the name of the product, the page where you saw it online, and the price, and Beatmyprice comes up with a list of the exact same product and other sources.

Okay, the prices are not always less, but it’s the quickest way we’ve seen yet to make that determination. Our sample product? The Jessica Simpson Gusla Pump, which we found at Macy’s for $110—and within seconds located at for $88.95. Yeah, it’s that simple.

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