Beat the Summer Heat: City Shorts

What: With the mercury hitting record highs all over, “city shorts” are slowly but surely making their presence felt on the fashion front.

What the fashion heads ..we are not talking about thigh-grazing styles fit only for the cellulite-free: the new breed of shorts is tailored – often cut to just above the knee – and is a flattering, surprisingly sexy option, which is even suitable for work.

What I say: Still a bit iffy about the suitable-for-work part, depending on your particular location and occupation. Regardless, it’s nice to have a new alternative for causal business dress or a dressy night out. If you’re so inclined to give the trend a go, remember that white is still a super-hot option for summer. Budget note: the Intuitions city shorts shown above cost less than $30 at the department store Dillard’s.