Beat the Summer Heat: City Shorts

What: With the mercury hitting record highs all over, “city shorts” are slowly but surely making their presence felt on the fashion front.

What the fashion heads ..we are not talking about thigh-grazing styles fit only for the cellulite-free: the new breed of shorts is tailored – often cut to just above the knee – and is a flattering, surprisingly sexy option, which is even suitable for work.

What I say: Still a bit iffy about the suitable-for-work part, depending on your particular location and occupation. Regardless, it’s nice to have a new alternative for causal business dress or a dressy night out. If you’re so inclined to give the trend a go, remember that white is still a super-hot option for summer. Budget note: the Intuitions city shorts shown above cost less than $30 at the department store Dillard’s.

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  1. pintucked says

    These shorts are much better than the short shorts I saw on a girl in the Financial District. She was definitely on her lunch break, wearing a black collared shirt and grey cuffed short shorts. The outfit was stylin’ but really?! The shorts barely covered her derriere! I wanted to ask her where she worked that would allow such an outfit but couldn’t get the nerve.

  2. Judy says

    Young girls at my firm have been wearing these new work shorts and even on slim young women they didn’t look particularly professional or very attractive. 

    To me this trend is kind of like the Gap “everyone in capris” campaign of a few years ago which EVERYONE picked up on regardless of how they looked. 

    Maybe it’s just me… I’m willing to admit that perhaps this look can work with the right fit, length, tops, and shoes but I don’t think that everyone could just buy any pair of these shorts off the rack and expect to look good in them.

  3. Lynne says

    I can’t imagine many workplaces where these would be appropriate, but I otherwise love them! They can be styled and accessorized in a number of ways, and for those of us whose thighs aren’t perfectly slim and cellulite-free they are a godsend. It’s a reasonable alternative to wear in this heat.

  4. Tina says

    I think these shorts are refreshingly cute. I agree that with the right shoes and a jacket, they make the perfect summer style for business. Maybe they are a little long for beach wear but anywhere you would want to be comfortable and nicely dressed these are a fashionable compromise. Isn’t anyone else tired of booty shorts?

  5. HotChica1 says

    I love these shorts! I have a pair in Navy. Paired up with a nice blouse and shoes, I can see them at a nice brunch or early evening event. As Judy said, not everyone can pull off the dressier look but if you can, “More power to you!”
    I am fortunate to work in a casual office and I can wear these on Casual Fridays with a nice heeled sandal. They are more versatile and classier than a mid-thigh (or less) length short.

  6. Danielle says

    One of my friends, who is heavy-set, was wearing a pair in a dark color with a vertical pinstripe, and I was struck by how nice it looked.  I suspect that, with the right color, the right drape, just about anyone could wear this look

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