Be Like Oregon: Go Green

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in Portland, Oregon you’ve probably at least thought about picking up and moving there at some point after talking to anyone who’s ever set foot within the city limits. We get it – Portland is the greatest place on earth; a utopian society where unicorns and fairies give out sustainable coffee wrapped in reusable sleeves. We get it!

Well Oregon has just outdone Oregon. Last year they passed the Oregon E-waste Law requiring manufacturers of televisions and computers to provide or pay for recycling services by January 1, 2009. And this year the Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company (founded by Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba) and CRT Processing are already up and running in the state, getting a three-month head start on the legislation’s requirements. Partnering with Goodwill Industries (where we love to shop!) MRM and CRT allow Oregonians to drop off their televisions, monitors and computers at any Goodwill location for no charge and then they do the dirty work. Or rather, the very clean and green work of giving new life to old TV screens and monitors formerly loved by the people of the great state of Oregon where a huge number of greenies already embrace the bicycle as their main mode of transport. Did we mention it’s really awesome to live in Portland?

In case you can’t relocate to the great Northwest just yet, MRM is already open for business in Minnesota and they’re also developing programs in Connecticut, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York City, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. Come on, those places are cool too!

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