Be fine: Natural Beauty

So…we’ve yet to have the opportunity to try out Be fine’s food skin care line (though we hope to do a product review on it soon!). But we have noticed their gorgeous, colorful ads in O, The Oprah Magazine.

Have you been as curious as we have to try them out?

Based on those pretty ads we had to go check out the Be fine website. First thing to note: the website is as pretty as the ads. They do a good job of letting us all know their philosophy straight from go: prepared from ingredients sourced from plants or minerals, paraben-free, allergen-free fragrance, vegetarian proteins. Goody goodness.

The ‘menu’ tab breaks down their product line, grouping them into starters (cleansers and toners), main courses (moisturizers), and the indulgent final course (special treatments). It’s easy to scroll over the products (likened to their food counterpart; i.e. the eye brightening treatment is represented by an avocado, the main ingredient). Check out the products that appeal to you. Some great tidbits are listed, for example, if you were to look at the pore refining scrub you would not only get the quantity and price of the item, but it would also tell you about what its ingredients will do for you. In the case of the pore refining scrub, it includes tea tree oil, a natural antibacterial; provides smoothing qualities and feeds your skin Vitamin E and A; includes rice, soybean and yeast peptides which tighten the skin; and detoxifies with orange, a natural astringent.

If you’re interested, Be fine is also promoting their Food For Thought community, meant to create gatherings of friends to share ideas and concerns, enjoy good food and connect with each other.

Has anyone tried Be fine products? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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