Your bathroom should be your sanctuary. Unfortunately, it’s the one room that most people fail to decorate. Instead of neglecting the place you go to for privacy and relaxation after a long day, try pulling together a look for your bathroom that will provide instant comfort.

Redecorating your bathroom needn’t be so expensive. We have found that all you really need are a few items – shower curtains, bath towels and a bath mat — that can instantly transform the look and feel of your bathroom. With less than $60 in hand, we trolled the Bed Bath & Beyond website and came up with a few excellent buys that would easily add style to any bathroom for next to nothing.

The first thing you notice when you walk into a bathroom is the shower curtain, so make it fabulous! This iridescent mosaic blue shower curtain ($29.99, pictured above) has aqua, turquoise and blue-green panels and shimmery ribbon detail that provides a peaceful, Mediterranean feel.

When you step out of the shower, you want to feel something soft and wonderful under your toes. Sometimes a super tufted bath rug isn’t that, but a slimmer Pima bath mat is more like it. These 100% Pima cotton bath mats come in various hues – linen, peridot, navy, slate and aloe – and are on clearance now for only $3.99 each.

Coordinating bath towels can also become part of your bathroom’s décor, but don’t skimp on your choices. These beautiful Egyptian cotton towels ($2.79 for washcloths, $9.99 for tubmats) come in a variety of colors to match your bathroom, and are oh-so-luxurious. Even hanging just two towels on a rod can make a big difference!