Barrel Curls: Beauty Trend

What: Big, bold barrel curls are bouncing about.

The Word:Hair stylist David Babaii is quoted in the April issue of In Style magazine as saying that the trend in hair styling is growing, literally: “We’re seeing a lot of volume and larger waves.”

Our Word: This whole sexy, voluptuous hair trend is lots of fun and a true throw back to the seventies. We say, if you got it, flaunt it—stick-straight strands can be so boring anyway. To add some modern-looking fat curls to your locks without looking like Shirley Temple, lightly back-comb your roots before curling them. Use a large round brush or a barrel curling iron like Vidal Sassoon Professional High-Heat Curling Iron 1-1/2”, $18.99, when creating your look. Babaii recommends running your fingers through your hair after it cools for a flirty finish.


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