Barney’s Green Windows

You know the green movement has arrived when Barney’s windows take notice., a website that focuses on everything green – from food and fashion, to beauty, lifestyle and more has posted a groovy little video interview with Simon Doonan of Barney’s New York.  Doonan is the window designer, and this year he’s turned his windows green. In just over 3 minutes, you can get a glimpse of how the environmental movement has inspired this artistic wonder. Doonan has crafted windows about the “12 Green Days of Christmas” (and a prius in a pear tree), he’s created Rudolph from sustainable wood, used over 3,000 recycled cans in creative ways, and created a window dedicated to the heroes of green, people such as Al Gore, Prince Charles, Bono and Alice Waters.

Doonan’s favorite window is one decorated with paintings from children of the East Harlem School. The kids used the theme of Mother Earth when creating their paintings and all proceeds go to East Harlem School.

Doonan also gives great examples of how you can use his ideas to create your own green decorations at home. So take a listen.

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