Barney’s and Neiman Marcus Sale Scoop from an Insider

A certain friend of ours, who’s an editor at a certain, prominent fashion publication, just send us this note re: the scoop on Barneys and Neiman Marcus sales. While we must keep her identity a secret, we’ll call her “Deep Salesrack”,  here’s what she had to say:

For those who live in NY, Barneys has
now taken its third markdown, with prices up to 75 percent off. Very
expensive designer clothes are now under $100. In terms of bargain shopping,
I have found this is the absolute best value for the money.

Typically, the sales stuff will disappear in a week or two, only to
resurface at the Barneys warehouse sale in a few weeks at higher prices.
Yes, you read that correctly.

If you don’t live in NY, watch out for similar sales at Neiman Marcus just
before Last Call. Sometimes the prices aren’t marked, and they’ll let you
put something on hold, then ship it to you when the sale starts. Ask a sales
person. I got a $600 Jill Stuart dress for $180 this way in Virginia.

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