Bargain Hunters Go Online

What: Instead of combing the sales racks for discounts and deals, more and more shoppers are going online to compare prices and take advantage of free shipping and other incentives. A new survey conducted by Cotton Incorporated found that 73 of women have browsed for apparel online, while 20 percent of women said they “regularly” buy some of their clothing on the web and 5 percent said they do “most” of their shopping online. To keep up with the demand, brands like Quiksilver, Levi’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue are increasing their online presence by joining social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

What They Say:
“Women are considering their purchases very carefully these days, and that thought process starts before they even begin shopping online,” said Melissa Bastos, Manager of Market Research, Cotton Incorporated. “But retailers have stepped up their online marketing campaigns, with discounts and other incentives to encourage skittish shoppers to complete their purchases.”

What We Say: Who isn’t shopping on the web these days? With online-only discounts and easy price comparison tools, it’s easy to save money and check out a variety of styles that may not be available in your hometown mall. If nothing else, we’re surprised that the statistic about 20 percent of women “regularly” buying clothes online isn’t higher.

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