Site I Like: Barefoot Tess

My problems as a big-footed fashionista are well documented in this blog. I simply refuse to be limited by the length of my feet. So, imagine my excitement when someone sent me a link to the site Barefoot Tess. The site carries designer shoes (no grandma orthopedic shoes in site) up to a size 13. The shoes range in price from $19.99 for a pair of espadrilles to $375 for a pair of pumps.  Now, the $375 pair won’t be making an appearance in my closet anytime soon, but the adorable Barefoot Tess “Susanna” for $29, shown above, could be the star of my closet this fall.

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    I took me a while to find out that even big feet can fit into pretty shoes.  Sometimes it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.  The cut of the shoe and where its support is can often be a determining factor.  If the wide foot is wide on the ball of the foot from weight, that can be overcome by having the foot entry at the top of the arch.  Gravity also adds.

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