Banana Republic Fall 2011 Review

What: TBF attended Banana Republic’s Fall 2011 Fashion Show and brings you the lowdown

What they Say: As in the season itself, the color gradient evolves naturally, shifting easily from vineyard tones of claret and plum to mustard, tomato and honeyed butterscotch…Effortlessly layered textures come into view as a strong focal point…cable-knits, faux fur scarves, leopard-print pieces and the like…Subtle notes of equestrian elegance—another classic autumn paradigm—exist through, from the ladylike riding gloves to the faintly jodhpur-like slim pant.

Banana Republic Fall 2011 Review

What We Say: The fashion show, the venue, the clothes, all looked very impressive. However, when we shop at Banana Republic, we certainly don’t look like a model down a runway. So let’s talk about how the apparel translates to the real world.

The colors were traditionally fall and very pretty–camels, mustards (we love mustard hues), oranges, etc. They threw in some leopard print, the oh-so-hot-right-now pattern—which added some pop to the ensembles. Expect to see lots of tweed, textures, and the pseudo-preppy apparel that is simple an sophisticated for the office or the street.

As for our verdict, we weren’t blown away by what we saw. There were some really adorable pieces, especially within the shoes and accessories (the oxford pumps, faux-furs scarf and hat and animal print purse were amongst our favs), but the collection that you’ll see in stores come fall is, well, exactly what you’d expect. There are a lot of great work items, sophisticated looks and basic pants, blouses and jackets, so though we weren’t surprised by anything, we are certainly happy to have a dependable store in Banana Republic . We didn’t see a single thing we didn’t like, so that’s a huge plus.

The silver lining in our lack of awe is that Banana Republic produces awesome basics and looks that transcend seasons. This is especially great because they aren’t a cheap store, so when you buy their sweaters, pants, etc. you’ll be getting many wears out of them.

This post was originally posted on May 22, 2011

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    Cool post… Even I am into Yellows and Greens these days.. these refreshing colours are great for summer in India.. Really great Insights you provide for aspiring bloggers like me..

    Keep Going..!!!

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