Back to School Sales, Pinching Pennies, and Gearing up for Fashion Week: Daily Poll Wrap-Up

School’s back in session and that means Fashion Week isn’t far behind.  As we gear up to look at the future of fashion, here’s a look back at what you had to say this week in TBF’s daily polls:

~Gas prices may have gone down a bit, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still experiencing “pain at the pump”.  At an average of $3.66 per gallon for regular unleaded, our readers are definitely feeling the strain on their budget and 67% of readers have cut back on their expenses to make up for the added cost of their daily commute.  15% of our readers are able to save big by working from home at least a few days a week, while 17% go green and active by walking or biking to their destinations of choice.

~Back to School season always means big sales, but this year our readers are exercising a little restraint when it comes to scooping up the deals.  After all, it’s not a bargain if you can’t afford it, right?  31% plan on checking out the sales to window shop and 10% will probably browse online, while only 29% will head to the stores take full advantage of the lower prices.  27% are avoiding temptation altogether, trading amazing “savings” for their savings accounts.

~If the thought of Fashion Week brings out your designer aspirations, you’re certainly not alone. When asked what they would include in their dream collections, our readers had a number of creative ideas.  18% would make like Italian label, Etro , and use bold colors and patterns on sumptuous fabrics.  On the other hand, 16% would keep it simple with tailored jackets and trousers, while 15% would go all-out glam with red carpet gowns.  11% would score big points with Project Runway judge and top designer Michael Kors by putting together a line of classic American sportswear.  5% percent would show off their world travels with ethnic influences and another 5% would channel the ‘60s with a mod, black and white aesthetic. Another 12% would forgo the garments altogether to concentrate on accessories like shoes and bags and the remaining 14% would use their own unique vision to create a line reflective of their own personal taste.

~Most of us don’t exactly make the invite list for the top shows at fashion week, but even if we did, it would be impossible to afford the fabulous frocks we saw on the catwalk.  If one of our favorite retailers devised a fashion show for the rest of us, 35% of readers would be thrilled to check out the H&M runway. Forever 21 got 16% of the vote, while NY&Co (13%) just edged out Old Navy (12%).  Newport News received 3% of the vote while the remainder of voters (18%) would prefer to see another unlisted brand they love.

~Just because you don’t live in the middle of English hunt country, doesn’t mean you can’t rock the Countryside Style. 37% of TBF readers said this look can work as long as you don’t wear it head to toe, while 21% thought it can work in a full-on outfit.  20% of readers thought the look was cute for others but probably wouldn’t wear it themselves and the remaining 20% thought it should be reserved for the fox hunting set.

~With Fashion Week upon us, we fashionistas will be eager to get the scoop on all the latest trends.  39% of those polled said they’ll hit up their favorite blogs, like TBFand websites like to get the skinny on what’s hot for next season.  5% will go old school and read the paper and 3% will watch the fashion news on TV.  The remaining 50% however, admitted they probably won’t pay too much attention to the goings-on in Bryant Park.

Got an opinion?  Make it known everyday in The Budget Fashionista’s daily polls.  Cast your vote Monday through Saturday and check back this time next week for a wrap up.



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