Back To School Items for Under $17 at Overstock

The Deal: Score items for back to school for under $17 at

The Lowdown: It’s time for back to school shopping, and, thank the fashion gods, designers labels are not AS important (but still important) as they’ve been in the past. So you can now focus your BTS shopping dollars on getting the look rather than paying a ton of dough for a label. One of the often overlooked spots is Overstock (despite their really bad coupons), which has a solid selection of basic, on trend, back to school pieces (jeans, tops, etc) for well under $17. That’s cheaper than K-Mart and comes without the “post K-Mart” eyeroll from your kids.

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Our Picks:

Back to School Deals

1. Necessary Objects Junior’s Scoop-neck Dress, $13.99
2. Necessary Objects Junior’s Striped Top, $10.99
3. Vigoss Women’s Felt ‘V’ Pocket Skinny Jeans, $15.99

Back to School deals

4. Last Kiss Women’s Plaid Button-down Belted Tunic, $11.99
5. Celebrity Pink Women’s Dark Wash Jeans, $15.99
6. Necessary Objects Junior’s Elastic Waist Dress, $14.99

Back to School deals

7. Dollhouse Women’s Grey Bomber Jacket, $15.99
8. Kensie Denim Women’s Distressed Denim Skirt, $16.99

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  1. says

    These are terrific finds! I’ve ordered from in the past and you have inspired me to revisit! I’m especially loving the Vigoss jeans for fall, and stripes are always a hit in my book. Nice work!

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