Back to School 2011: Moms are Going Even More Budget

What: The economy is, well, challenging this back school season, and some moms are cutting back on their spending according to a survey by Says: According to a new survey by, 40 percent of moms are planning to buy the minimum for back-to-school, citing that, “It’s a tough economy and I’m spending less.”

Kathryn’s Two-cents: Is it just me or does only 40% of moms reducing their back to school spending seem super low? With the level of uncertainty that exists in our economy, I would have guessed that a majority of moms would be focusing on spending less this year.

What Do you Guys think? Are you going to spend less this back to school season?

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  1. Courtney says

    Yes, I am. We have had to adjust our lifestyle due to the current economic climate, it’s not 2007 anymore and we are not rolling in dough like we use to. Seriously thinking about cost per wear and fortunately have great consignment shops in our area.

  2. Ariane says

    Yes. Though we are still doing okay financially, we have had a change in attitude about consumption and spending. We’ve decided to bring up our family with less focus on consumerism. We still all love fashion, but we just don’t see the need to buy $100+ jeans.

  3. daphne says

    What is “back to school” anyway? Will the clothes the kids are wearing now suddenly disappear on the first day of school? This is just a shopping season created by retailers to get you to spend. What about buying what the kids need all year round and replacing things as the kids outgrow or wear them out? Before hitting the stores this year, I inventoried my 2 sons’ wardrobes. After getting rid of the outgrown and worn-out stuff, It turned out that they had plenty of decent clothes to wear to school for now. Even their coats from last year still fit fine. I did splurge and let my 14 year old son buy a trendy shirt for his first day of high school (on sale of course). I know both boys will probably need new shoes at least by November, so I will hold on to my money and go “back to school shoe shopping” then. Why waste money on new clothes they don’t need right now?

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