BabyBam Collection: Organic Fashion

What: BabyBam Collection launches a new online store for parents seeking eco-friendly bamboo clothing to reduce their babies’ carbon footprint and ease skin allergies

What They Say: The evolution of BabyBam Collection was a true labor of love born out of CEO Jody Graziano Jonas’ two strongest passions, her sons and the environment. Both of Jonas’ children were born with severe milk sensitivity that contributed to easily irritated skin. The only material her children could wear  eco-friendly, sustainable, and super soft bamboo. With a background in design, Jonas developed each adorable outfit in the collection and is diligently involved on a daily basis with every step of the corporation’s growth. Reflecting the company’s values, all manufacturing is compliant with Fair Trade requirements and usage of the Earth’s resources is kept to a bare minimum in all business practices.

What We Say: We’ve known babies with allergies and switching to organic clothing really made a difference.  Every mom wants the best for her baby.  And we’re delighted that clothing designers are taking notice and providing a product that is both hypo-allergenic and healthier for the baby, as well as environmentally-friendly.

Image courtesy of BabyBam Collection