There is one question I ask myself every fashion week…. why does Baby Phat put on a show during fashion week? I understand the “bling” concept, but none of the people who are invited and attend the show would ever be caught dead in the clothing. The brand’s primary customers are those who shop at Macys (like me) and those who don’t mind having Baby Phat written 200 times across their body (unlike me). Now,  I have a great deal of respect for Kimora Lee Simmons as a business woman, cause anyone who can make millions off denim jumpsuits with gold cats on the butt pockets really is a marketing genius, but you don’t really need to have a fashion week show to do this. Only a few pieces from BP’s fashion week shows actually appear in stores. So, why have a fashion week show??

Cause fashion week has very little to do with fashion and everything to do with being “seen”. By whom you ask? Well in my four years of attending the shows, I’ve yet to find out exactly who… I mean the big guns like Anna Wintour attend may be 4 of 100+ shows and most buyers and top editors get private showings from the designers at their studios/offices. That leaves pretty much editors at regional newspapers, “stylists”, hangers on, and project runway folks (WHO ARE EVERYWHERE.. aren’t they suppose to be designing their own lines??).