Fashion Advice: Tips For Avoiding Fakes on eBay

Dear Budget Fashionista,

I bought a Burberry trench on eBay for $175. Is it too good to me true. I haven’t received the coat yet, but I wanted to be sure. The pictures look pretty convincing.

The rule of thumb when it comes to eBay is that if looks like a fake, priced like a fake, sounds like a fake, then most likely it’s a fake. If someone is claiming that a certain high end item, like a designer handbag or a designer purse, is brand spanking new and less than 50% of it’s original price, then most likely you’re being scammed. Now there are times when it may be the real deal, for example after Christmas you may find a lot of unwanted presents on eBay.

How to Avoid Buying Fakes on eBay

1. Ask for additional pictures, especially of the clothing tag
2. Ask for them to scan or take a photo of the receipt
3. Check their seller ratings- I never purchase from any one with less than a 100% rating. Others say a 95% or above rating is fine, but I like to be extra careful.
4. Follow your gut. If it feels wrong, then it is.
5. Check to see if the photos look like they were ripped from the site of major luxury store (like Saks,, etc)