Aveeno Baby Products: Guest Post

From our friends over at The Budget Bambino:

My baby had a horrible reaction the first time I washed her hair with a name-brand baby shampoo. In a panic, I called my mom (as you do in moments of parenting doubts) and asked her what I was supposed to do. Never wash my daughter’s hair again!!? She started telling me about all the different chemicals and compounds that are put in baby shampoo and how “tear-free” isn’t the case for a lot of children. After a bit of research I realized why my daughter had a reaction.  I also learned a valuable lesson: just because the word “baby” is on the bottle, doesn’t mean it’s safe for sensitive skin.

I now use Aveeno Baby Shampoo. One of my favourite things about Aveeno, besides the fact that my baby doesn’t react to it, is that Aveeno also makes a range of products for adults. As my toddler is learning to imitate more and more, I find her asking to have cream to put on her hands so she can do what I’m doing.  While I don’t allow her to over-indulge, I feel safe in letting her explore with products that aren’t full of chemicals and nasty ingredients. I’m always surprised at how often we forget that it’s not just the little bambinos that need protecting!

Image courtesy of Aveeno.com