Does This Watercolor Nail Tutorial Remind You of the ‘90s?

Watercolor Nail Tutorial

Paging Kelly Kapowski and Topanga Lawrence! This watercolor manicure I created is so ‘90s fab that I am not sure what to do with myself. And considering the fact that ‘90s fashion is so on-trend right now, I can’t imagine a better manicure to create on your fingernails right this second than this one.

Review: Lush’s New Highlighter and Bronzer

Lush's New Highlighter and Bronzer

Charisma and Feeling Younger Skin Tints, $18.95 each from Lush I’m going to confide in you all for a second. When it comes to cosmetics, I’m kind of a straightforward kind of gal. I wear a tinted moisturizer (with SPF, please), a non-fancy eyeliner design, some eyeshadow, mascara and perhaps some ChapStick. Now, when it […]

Be Still My Heart: Heart Burst Nail Tutorial

Heart Burst Nail Tutorial

You never know when inspiration’s going to hit. You could be walking down the street, talking to your hairstylist or taking an afternoon siesta. This particular nail design came to me somewhere between my first sip of coffee and my mid-morning crash, when I turned to my left in a daze and my eyes landed […]

Your Guide to Cheap Couches


Tired of scouring Craigslist for a reliable deal on a couch free of stains and shady salespersons? Not impressed with the quadruple digit price tags at all your local furniture galleries? I’ve been there and done that, too. Instead of wasting precious hours on a piece of furniture that I’m either unimpressed with or that […]

Fall 2012 Beauty Trend: Paint the Town–or Just Your Nails: 12 Trendy Fall Nail Polishes

12 Trendy Fall Nail Polishes

Get this, lacqueristas: according to a New York Times story published in April of this year, department store nail polish sales increased by a whopping 67 percent in 2011. That translates to $710 million dollars worth of nail polish that was purchased in a single 12-month span. Impressive, right? I’ve heartily jumped onto the nail […]

10 Fabulous Feather Accessories Under $10

Fabulous Feather Accessories

There’s something about a little feather swag that makes me feel like a bohemian princess. From snap-in hair accessories to brightly-dyed feather dangle earrings to au naturel feather fringe adorning purses, tanks and bangles, a little feather added to your ensemble is likely to make you feel the same way. And if said feathers are […]

11 Reasons Why We Love Amazon

Reasons Why We Love Amazon

Credit: NY Times As its name implies, Amazon is a winding, veritable jungle chock-full of fabulous finds and steep discounts. Seriously. From hard-to-find makeup must-haves to designer duds, home necessities or the perfect gift for mom, dad, sister or lover, Amazon is practically sacred ground for shopaholics. In no particular order, here are 11 reasons […]