Shop these 7 Etsy Stores and Add Affordable Vintage Charm to Your Homes

Etsy Goods - Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Whether you’re shopping candles, artwork, pillows, throws or vintage knick knacks, let Etsy be your ultimate resource for home goods. For those unaware, Etsy is a social commerce website that sells handmade and vintage products by individual sellers. I’ve focused on affordable Etsy jewelry before, but you’ll also find food, electronic accessories, craft supplies, apparel […]

40 Cyber Monday Deals Better than Pumpkin Pie

Internet Shopping

Over the years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become a sort of rite of passage. I like to think of it as a reward for all those hours spent mashing, boiling, braising and seasoning in the kitchen the day (week?!) before. Below you’ll find a list of some of the hottest Cyber Monday 2012 deals […]

Out of This World: Galaxy-Inspired Fashion Stuff

Galaxy Inspired Fashion

Have you ever spread out on the grass–day or night–and looked up into the sky? It’s a strange sensation, lying there looking up. Almost dizzying. You realize that you’re not so big, but that the world truly is. And the more you think about it, the more you understand that there isn’t much between you […]

Review: Throw a Health Fit with KLUTCHclub’s Holistic Monthly Box Subscription

Klutch Club

If you follow my posts here at The Budget Fashionista, then you’re probably aware of my monthly box subscription obsession. I love monthly beauty boxes because a) mail is fun and b) trying new products is fun. I was tickled pink (my husband calls me a “grandma” for using that expression, by the way) to […]

Fill Your Weekly Exfoliation Quota With This Simple DIY Face Scrub

DIY Face Scrub

FYI: You should exfoliate your skin at least once a week, though most skin experts recommend twice weekly. Not only does a good exfoliating job make your skin feel and look brighter, it actually improves the functionality of your dermis. In layman’s terms: It makes your skin do its job better.