Dr. Scholl’s Pumice Foot Scrub and Foot Softening Balm: Product Review

What: Angela gives Dr. Scholl’s For Her Pumice Foot Scrub and Foot Softening Balm a test run. The Lowdown: Dr. Scholl’s, the go-to-guy for all things foot, offers up a line of products for the ladies. The pumice scrub boasts the benefit of a pumice stone in lotion form, to exfoliate and moisturize. The softening […]

What the…..Crocs Clothing Line on the Way

What: As if funny rubber shoes weren’t enough of a contribution to style history, Croc’s is getting ready to launch a line of clothing, including shirts for adults, and tops, skirts and shorts for kids. Made from Croslite, apparently defined as a soft spongy foam resin. Really. What the fashion heads say: This from the […]

What to Buy Fall 2007: Basic Gray

What: We’ve tip-toed around it, but in case you didn’t get the hint: gray is the dominant neutral in the fall color palette. What the fashion heads say: This from Elle.com: “First made glamorous in the ‘40s by Katharine Hepburn and her signature menswear-inspired look, gray flannel turns up on fall’s most versatile pieces.” What […]

What to Buy for Fall 2007: Wooden Accessories

    What: Glitter and shine not your thing? Then you’ll embrace this trend for fall – a more subtle way to accessorize, with wood. What the fashion heads say: Candy Pratts Price at Style.com calls wood “the most innovative and interesting new material for fall accessories.” What I say: With fall’s rich tones, tailored […]

What to Buy Fall 2007: A New Face

What: The New York Times recently reported on the “democractization” of cosmetic plastic surgery. It now appears that a large percentage of those who are getting cosmetic surgery are “non-wealthy”, or as I would call it, broke, folks who are using borderline predatory loans (25%+) to pay for their surgeries. What the fashion experts say: […]